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Power & Soft washing

Renovation of Tired, Dirty and Weed strewn Driveways and Patios. Wash away the Dirt. (Block, Concrete, Crazy paving, Stone, even Tarmac). Arrive home at the end of a 'work a day', to a clean, fresh and orderly home ... and 'relax'.  What about outdoor entertaining ... What about selling your home ... increasing kerbside appeal, sell quickly and for more money.

PRESSURE WASHING of block driveway

Removes all weeds, moss and dirt that builds up, on and between the blocks.  Further treatment with chemicals can significantly reduce lichen and blackspot.

Re-infestation of weeds can be controlled with polymeric sand and or weed killers.


Re-sanding with regular kiln dried sand is always done to refill spaces between blocks but polymeric sand is a good option for weed prevention.

SOFT WASHING - Scrape, Brush & Spray of House Rooves, (also Drives, Paths & Patios)

Do your Gutters block frequently due to a 'mossy' roof. Total removal of moss from a roof will last many years and help prevent further regular gutter clearing. Forget arranging and paying for yearly gutter cleans. A long term saving and less bother.

This method is gentle, effective, and offers a long term solution to 'blocking' gutters.

Roof Cleaning


Is an option, and results are immediate. (but SOFT WASHING is gentler and longer lasting) Some form of post chemical control is recommended as moss will quickly re-infest the roof, especially if trees present and or a north facing roof.

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